The aims of the projects are:
1. Improvement of teaching quality through effective methods improving basic and sectional skills.
The curriculum are very reach in content, it does not allow to solidify the material in practical situations. The must of realization of the content forces teachers to do that without practical use. At the same time students are just passive listeners of enormous material, that are adopt fragmentary and learn by heart. We want to resigne from an enciclopedic model of gaining the knowledge and focus on creative activities, make the conditions to gain knowledge in selflearnig investigative processes.

2. Developing emotional inteligence as well as psyhological and sovcial skills.
Our Schools concentrate mostly at intelectual skills, and social skills are treat as secondary thing. Education in that field is a crucial part of the process of teaching in schools. Thanks to emotional inteligence students will be able to have proper contacts with peers and have influence on that. In the future it will help them in their contacts with the world of aduld and a working market.

3. Bulding the international and multicultural dialog.
Our project is also focusing on combining multigeneration and multivultural experiences to accustom different forms of educational activities. We want to show our students how our parents and grandparents played and have fun, what kind of similarities and differences are between our countries. Solidarity between generations is very important in creating proper social posture. Nowadays the pace of changes and the gap between generations creates lack of understanding. We want to build and enhence the dialog betweed generations.

4. Effective teacher development.
We wish our teachers recognize their needs and abilities, confront their own working experience connected to school needs, make their potential more avaliable for school and students. At the same time we want them to make their workshop, competence, knowledge and skills wider and richer, in order to make lessons more energetic, interesting though the newest methods and forms in the process of teaching.

5. Enriching language skills
6. Development of knowledge about IT.
7. Aligment of educational chances for special needs and economical difficulties students.

What is more we assume achieving the goals below:
1. Enriching expereince in union application construction.
2. Decrease of school failures
3. School promotion

All the activities planned in the project are dierected to youth in our schools, teachers, parents, seniors as well as wider local society, including theachers from other schools and educational autpost. They respond to their educational, social, emotional and psyhological needs.
Activities, will be directed to:

– in coordinating school in Poland – 56 teachers and about 500 students
– in school in turkey – 62 teachers and 500 students
– in school in Cyprus – 23 teachers and 200 students
in school in Spain 25 teachers and 160 students
– in school in Italy 95 teahcers and 600 students

The realization of the project will have an impact on better cooperation between partners comprehensive action on a broad sense of education – teaching and education. These activities will include; learning practices and at the same time transfer of innovative solutions, information and exchange, joint participation in training. Teachers of individual educational levels, groups of school subjects, will be able to exchange experiences, inspiration, materials, teaching aids for their schol subject. implementation of tasks will result in the development of interpersonal skills, and also language knowledge and IT Our project has an innovative dimension, because through its implementation we can implement new, better, more efficient ways of solving various problems, including the problems of education (teaching and education) social exclusion of hendicapped students and elderly people, language competence.

Innovation can be seen in at least one of the points below:
1. Project aprticipant – coopereation between elderly people. One of the aspects that we want to start is to make older and young people cooperate, work in harmony, create abilities to make elderly people active, what will not allow to isolate them, feeling of not being needed. We want to take a conception of learnig and teacher between generations. Students will cooperate with parents and grandparents on the basis of their experience. Their experience can be used by youth to build their confidence in the steps of life. Older generation will learn things that are not so obvious for them as they are for youngsters. Describing games instructions, creating DVDs they will have to use new technologies, and youth will be their source of that knowledge.
– teacher support – changes in the technologies and the way of spending time, IT, economical and technical changes force teachers to change their way of thinking and workshop. It is improtatnt for teachers to be up to date in order to preapare students to life in a quickly changing world. The creative activity of teachers help students to be creative and better preapared for the future.

2. Problematic issues – we focus on solving problems that were not solved yet, and were not even discussed by authorieties:
– emotional inteligence, including psyhological and social competence as well as not formal teaching. We want to focus on teaching emotional inteligence of students, not to treat in marginally, as it is the base of private, work and social life.
– model of learnig through activity, we want our students to take part in the process of learning in an active way using educational projects i creating educational games and using interactive educational tools. Thanks to this students will increase thir curiosity, creativity, the iciative in taking up new activities, work in teams, what will lead to asimilation of students in different ages, 6 year-olds and SPE students.