Final Products

An International Board Game – Methodological Game Guidebook – DVD and Leaflet


One of the final products of cooperation between schools is a game guide developed by students. Each section of the guide applies to a different didactic game. We have published 5 language versions of the book – each in the English language and native language of the project partner. The guide contains many interesting games containing the rules of the game and methodical advice.

The next product of the project is the international board game. Students travel around Europe and answer various questions. All questions are prepared for students and enable them to use the acquired knowledge in practice. Each partner school participating in the project has this game so we can play online together.

Another product of international cooperation is a DVD set containing films presenting games, brochures and descriptions of games from previous generations. Pupils’ grandparents took part in presenting games in which they played as children. This great competition has resulted in the release of a unique DVD with games that we want to save from oblivion and popularize among teens. Now you can read the rules, watch a short movie and play games from other countries in your home or playground. Each game is attached to the leaflet with the description of the game.