Products (implementation)

During the training visits thematic trainings will be hold for teachers (L 1-4) and workshops for students (W 1-6), in which teachers will be also participants. Besides each school will introduce its own good practices in terms of the issues concerned (P 1-4).

Before each visit preparatory workshops will be carried out (WP) and after each visit trainings (L 1a-4a) for teachers with the aim of sharing the results of international trainings. With the use of gained knowledge and skills we will direct students’ work in partner schools by organizing practical workshops (WW 1-6). The results of these practical meetings will be performed in particular games and plays combined and published in the following way:

– the guidebook “PLAY WITH ME AND TEACH ME” (K) – the collection of worked-out activating methods – didactic plays and games related to school subjects, which will give students possibilities of learning in action, using their knowledge in practice, strategic, critic and logic ways of thinking. These will be the methodical materials useful for teachers, they will be in the form of descriptions of particular games, instructions, exemplary lesson scripts. The guidebook will be published in a bilingual version for each country: in mother language of a particular country and in English language in paper version and in PDF one. The country responsible for publishing: Poland.

– a DVD (D) – it will contain films which present games played by previous generations, the games will be played by students and the elderly. These games, which are intended to be an excellent instrument for creating positive group interactions, will be saved from being forgotten and will be played by the present-day generation again. The DVD will combine the presentation of popular up-to-date team games typical for each project country. In turn, each film showing a particular game will also correspond with its instruction in paper version (in English language and the mother language of the project country where it will be spread). The DVD is intended to be shared as a separate project product and it will be an enclosure to the guidebook. The country responsible: Italy.

Moreover, we are planning the following:

1. Publishing of the board game (G) – students are intended to travel across Europe, making ‘stops’ on the board game they are expected to answer the quiz questions at various difficulty levels concerning the mathematics and science, humanistic subjects including foreign languages, economics, safety and civil range of scholarship. All questions will be divided for separate age groups (6-9, 10-12, 13-15) and will deal with everyday situations – using the knowledge in practice. In each country the instruction of the game will be prepared and published in bilingual version: in the native language of the country related and in English version, in paper version and in PDF one to be used by means of modern educational tools – interactive whiteboards, tablets, laptops, etc. The country responsible: Turkey.